“So Cool” – David Copperfield

Dimmare’s love of the atomic Vegas era, where you could walk into any casino, and be entertained with class and style, cannot be understated. The Vegas of the 50’s and 60’s offered a plethora of who’s who in entertainment with an ambiance of sophistication and cool that Dimmare has long endeavored to bring back to the city. Tiring of traveling overseas to perform as in “Old Vegas,” he seeks to establish a local venue to embody the swingin’ vibe of what was, and can be again.

“Martinis and Magic” has found a Las Vegas home at the beautiful Lounge inside the legendary Mint, where he has teamed up with the establishment of this great property in a shared vision of an old Vegas-style nightclub, providing a great magic and comedy show while drinking, and enjoying a night out on the town.

“Martinis and Magic”, a one-man show, is an evolution of traditional old school Vegas entertainment, where “there’s a good chance a beautiful doll will show up… but always a Ring-A-Ding-Ding good time.” With this multi-award winning legend in magic, who has done it all, from command performances for Royalty, to sharing stages with Rockers and Movie Stars, will experience a genre as intended, with heart, swagger and passionate precision.